Employee Benefits at Agency Insurance Company


Agency Insurance Company believes that our business success is directly related to the exceptional quality and dedication of our associates. We are committed to providing employees with the best opportunity for job satisfaction and professional growth. In support of that commitment, we recognize that a comprehensive and versatile, yet cost-effective group benefit selection is important to employees and their families as a considerable segment of their compensation package.


The Company offers medical coverage through United Healthcare (uhc.com). This coverage is 100% employer paid. Employees do not pay premium for individual or family coverage. This is a high deductible plan. The individual deductible is $2,500.00 and the family deductible is $5,000.00. The company funds $500.00 for individual and $1,000.00 for family in the first year of coverage. The remaining deductible is the responsibility of the employee. Employees can save for this deductible under a Health Savings Account (HSA). A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers who are enrolled in a high deductible health plan. The funds are deducted from payroll pre-tax. Funds roll over and accumulate from year to year, if not spent, and can be saved for medical expenses in retirement. HSA’s are owned by the individual employee. Employees are provided a VISA card funded with HSA contributions to pay their medical expenses. This VISA card may also be used to pay optical expenses, dental expenses, and over the counter medications.


Our dental coverage is offered through MetLife Insurance Company. Preventive care (6 month visit) which includes cleaning and x-rays is 100% covered. There is no co pay for this visit. Basic care (fillings, root canal, extractions, etc.) is covered at 80% after a $50.00 yearly deductible. Major care (dentures, crowns, veneers) is covered at 50% after the deductible. Orthodontia has a $1500.00 benefit per person.


Employees will receive discounts of up to 60% at America’s best known eye care companies through EyeMed Vision Care network of Independent Doctors of Optometry (eyemedvisioncare.com). Frames and Lenses are typically 40% off.


The Company offers basic term life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage for each eligible employee equal to 2x's annual salary. We also offer dependent life insurance. This is a company paid benefit. Additional life insurance is available for purchase at group rates.


AIC's 401k plan along with ADP Retirement Services, allows employees to select from a range of investment options including Legg Mason, Putnam and Lazard funds. The company matches 100% on the first 3% of salary deferred and 50% on 4% and 5% of salary deferred. Enrollment is quarterly.


529 College Savings Plans offer tax deferred and tax free withdrawal options for college savings. The plan can be used for educational costs at any eligible college, university, or graduate school in the United States. In addition to earnings growing tax deferred, all withdraws for qualified educational expenses are federal income tax free. Employees may contribute as little as $25.00 per pay. This savings plan is offered by Manulife College Savings.


The Company is committed to furthering the education of employees by offering tuition assistance for full-time employees for both undergraduate and graduate level classes. The tuition assistance plan covers the cost of up to three courses per semester. Employees are responsible for tuition costs over $125 per credit hour for under-graduate courses and $175 for graduate level courses.


  • Vacation: Employees receive two weeks of vacation per year for the first five years of employment. The first year is pro-rated. After five years of employment, employees receive three weeks, and after ten years employees receive four weeks of vacation.
  • Personal: The Company offers a ten day holiday/personal day package. Usually, Agency is closed five holidays per year and grants five personal days per year for the holidays the Company remains open.
  • Sick: All employees receive five sick days per year. This time can also be used for sick family members.


In an effort to help employees balance their work and family life, the Company offers short term disability to employees. Upon completion of a 15 day qualifying period, employees receive salary, or a percentage thereof, based upon tenure for up to 24 weeks, not to exceed 120 working days per incident.


The Company's objective in establishing a dress code is to enable employees to project a professional, business-like image while experiencing the comfort advantages of more casual and relaxed clothing. Fridays are dress down days ("jeans day"). On these days, jeans and a more casual approach to dressing, although never potentially offensive to others, is allowed. Management may occasionally call a "Business Professional Day" if we are expecting outside visitors. On those days, the Company asks employees to dress their professional best.